Saturday, March 29, 2014


A very nice gentleman I know offered to give me a lift to the polls after reading this piece I published here on my blog the other day:
I could not vote in the Quebec elections
Even if I wanted to -
Because I can't walk.
I can't get to the polls.
How many other elderly
And/or handicapped people
Are unable to vote
Because they can't walk?
David wrote:
I left a voice message with your local Liberal candidate in NDG inquiring about rides they may provide for voters on election day. I expect they have something organized as most parties do that sort of thing. I will let you know.

However, I would be more than happy to give you a lift to vote on April 7. If you are on the electoral list you will have received confirmation in the mail and the address of your local polling station. Just let me know the address and the time you would like to vote and I can pick you up. 
This was my reply:
Thank you for your concern and for your offer. I am really not inclined to vote for any candidate. I have received no help from any of them, not even the courtesy of a response to any of my appeals through the years. I am of no concern to them except when they want my vote.
I really have no heart to vote for anyone. Except for the French issue, they are all the same, all of them out for their own benefit, their job, their money, their success. They show up for photo ops, kiss babies, smile a lot and ignore us all the rest of the time. I just cannot bear to vote for the lesser evil.
My concern is not my own vote, but the fact that there must be many seniors and handicapped people - many who do not use the Internet - who can't vote because they can't walk.
Again, I thank you for your offer.


Phyllis Carter said...

Where have these politicians been all the time through the years when I have been begging them for help? If I am irrelevant day after day, month after month, year after year, why should I suddenly be of any importance on voting day?

Phyllis Carter said...

March 29, 2014

I believe many people feel this way, but they will vote out of fear. Isn't that a sad state of affairs for a people who think they are better than people in other countries? But through the decades since the late 1960's I have witnessed people voting - not FOR something - but, out of fear of the extremists, voting against the separatists. And we think we are "free". I was in the Liberal Party when Rene Levesque was also a member. When he left, I spoke out frequently against the way things were going. Newspapers and TV covered my protests. But one member said it all - This is what he said to me, exactly "You Jews and you English will always vote Liberal. You have no choice." I have a choice. I spit on bigots and I have no respect for politicians who take our votes and spit on us.