Sunday, March 23, 2014


I waken. I must write.
I know it is important.
Was that dream, a vision?
I hardly remember what I dreamed,
But I must write this.
I have no motive,
Except to share truth
With those who don't know,
Who doubt themselves,
Who are afraid -
Afraid to use their brains,
Afraid of powerful influences,
Afraid of what people say is
"God's word" or "God's will";
Afraid of ancient tales and dogma,
And great stone buildings
Whose spires reach for the sky:
They call it "heaven";
Afraid of beards, robes, books,
Afraid of emblems, symbols,
Golden images -
The idols of authority,
Usurped by the powerful
For their own gain;
Afraid of mobs,
Afraid of radicals
Afraid of rejection,
Afraid of loneliness.
The Minister who baptized me
Ordered me to "Conform."
That was a big mistake.
I do not advocate violent revolution.
In war,
The most vulnerable suffer the most,
While the most wicked walk away,
Smiling and counting their winnings.
Come, let us reason together:
Beware !
Beware of dogma that teaches you
To love death.
Beware of dogma that teaches you
To strip yourself of your Self.
Beware of dogma that teaches you
To accept abuse now,
That you may bask in the Glory of God
For eternity.
Beware of dogma
That separates you from friends, family.
Beware of dogma
That tells you to sacrifice your own life
For the good of king and country.
Beware of dogma
That wins you over with song and dance,
And shiny objects and icons,
And statues of bleeding saints.
Beware of dogma
That demands that you,
Beware of dogma
That makes you feel bad
About who you are.
If you are a normal person
Not impaired by
"Diminished capacity",
You have choices.
Open your mind,
Search broadly for truth.
If it hurts,
It is not a blessing.
Those who control your mind
Are not gods.
Those who control your mind,
Control your body,
Control the fruits of your labour,
Control your family,
Control your wealth,
Control your life.
It is called
Do you imagine that
The Creator of all the universes
Benefits from your obedience?
Does the God who created everything,
And keeps the galaxies spinning,
Need you to give "Him" anything?
Does the God who keeps atoms moving,
Need you to tell "Him" he is wonderful?
Is the Creator so vain?
Or is God insecure?
Does the "God" who created your brain
Need to be told what is in it?
Does an Infinite Creator need mere mortals
To grovel and worship the sky?
Does the Maker of stars and galaxies
Need people to tell "Him"
How great "He" is?
Only human beings need
The rituals, the images, the rites,
The dogma.
The Creator needs nothing.
Everything is His,
And He is in everything.
Or He is a myth.
Human beings need reason and hope.
Those who control your thoughts,
Control all you are, and all you have.
Think, reason.
Above all.
Beware of anyone who tells you to
If someone tells you to "Obey",
Ask them, "Why?"

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