Thursday, March 13, 2014


Beware of all the politics and hype.
Listen !
What are those politicians really saying?
What are they not saying?
Don't let yourself be hypnotized.
Canada is not perfect.
I know of no better place.
Canada is what we make it.
Do you want to live in
A Bosnia, a Croatia?
Do you want
To raise your children in
A Sudan, a Rwanda?
Do you love freedom?
Each individual Canadian -
Wherever you may live in Canada,
Has the freedom to
Greedy fanatics seeking more power.
Be kind to your neighbours:
You do not have to like them.
You do not have to
Agree with all their ways.
You may not understand their language -
But a sincere smile and a bowl of soup
Can go a long way.
"Can we talk?"
Just remember that
Your neighbour bleeds if you cut him -
And you bleed if he cuts you.
And the rich politicians
Get richer
While you bury your family.
Look at history,
Look at Syria,
Look at North Korea.
Where would you prefer to live?
Consider the Middle East
Where women must hide under hoods,
And walk a few paces behind any man.
Would you like to live in China or Thailand,
Where your pet poodle is lunch?
Consider Africa where
Little boys are trained to kill and to mutilate.
How about Saudi Arabia and Pakistan,
And twenty-eight African countries where
Little girls must undergo the unkindest cuts
To their private parts.
How about Nigeria,
Where terrorists burn and slaughter girls
Because they want to go to school?
Consider all the countries
Where mothers and fathers
Sell their little girls
Into sexual slavery.
Look at Palestine,
Where mothers give their babies guns,
And rejoice when their sons die.
Extreme: A boy holds a toy gun during a protest about a film ridiculing Islam's Prophet Muhammad in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh near Sidon, Lebanon on Friday
Look at the U.S.A. where
Health care is not a right,
But a privilege enjoyed by the wealthy.
Isn't Canada lovely?
What will you get if you try to destroy it?
Peace comes with Justice,
Languages open windows to the world.
And a bowl of chicken soup couldn't hurt.

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