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MONTREAL – Former Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum was arrested almost seven months ago last June.

Since then, his court case has moved at a snail's pace.

The crown prosecutor's office has used the time to compile a voluminous amount of police evidence.

On Wednesday, prosecutor Marie-Helene Giroux announced the office's work is done.

"There was a third disclosure of the evidence that was given to the accused," Giroux told reporters.

Lawyers are expected to return to court next week in order to set a date for Applebaum's preliminary inquiry.

The former mayor is facing 14 criminal charges.

Police claim he took cash payoffs from developers in exchange for zoning changes in Notre-Dame-de-Grace (NDG), where he once served as borough mayor.

One of the projects he was reportedly linked to involved the new NDG Sports Complex.

Two other men were arrested at the same time as Applebaum: municipal official Jean-Yves Bisson and former city councillor Saulie Zajdel.

Zajdel now appears to be distancing himself from the former mayor.

He has demanded a separate trial as soon as possible.

"He doesn't want to be associated in a very long megatrial with the other people," Zajdel's attorney Jeffrey Boro told Global News.

Boro added that the stress surrounding the case is affecting his client.

"Would you want to do business with him?" Boro said.

The judge in the case has ordered Applebaum, Zajdel, and Bisson to appear in court on February 6 for a pre-trial hearing.

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November 16, 2012

If the reader has not been actively involved in the politics of the City of Montreal over a period of years, I want to provide some insights based on my own experience as an active participant:
In spite of what some people have posted on Facebook during these past couple of days, I can tell you that Michael Applebaum does not represent either the English speaking community, nor does he speak for the Jewish People.
Based on my experience and the experience of my community of concerned citizens who live in the borough of NDG, I can tell you Michael Applebaum represents Michael Applebaum and his friends. His interest and involvement in real estate can be verified through his newspaper advertisements for Royal LePage and - for those so inclined - through public records.
Michael Applebaum is concerned with his own success and self-aggrandizement. He builds monuments to his own glory and surrounds himself with "Yes Men".
On council for the Borough Of NDG/CDN, he could always count on the support of fellow councillors, Marvin Rotrand, Saulie Zaidel and Marcel Tremblay - the brother of former Montreal Mayor, Gerald Tremblay. If there was any opposition, it was virtually impossible for them to win on any vote because Applebaum and his friends always held the balance of power.
Saulie Zaidel sat as councillor, but half the time during public meetings, he was chatting with the lady councillor who sat next to him or he was out of the hall altogether. Then he would return and vote "Aye" to whatever Applebaum said even though he hadn't been there to hear the proposal or any comments by the public.
In spite of petitions and appeals from the people of NDG to save the Fraser-Hickson library all these years ago, Applebaum engineered its demise leaving the families of NDG without an adequate library since then. At the same time, Applebaum rounded up his friends to support him in building a sports stadium in NDG. Because he wanted it.
Before you rush to support Michael Applebaum, speak to people who have lived in NDG for years. Speak to the benevolent citizens who have been fighting for the rights of the families, the poor, the handicapped, the aged, the students of NDG for years - against politicians whose true goal is to benefit themselves and their wealthy friends.
Since Michael Applebaum stated at a public meeting of the NDG/CDN Borough Council that we are merely a "splinter group", I call these devoted citizens, "The NDG Splinters."
If you think Gerald Tremblay was an unfit mayor, if Applebaum and his friends take power in Montreal City Hall, the citizens will know and feel the meaning of the word "contempt".

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Phyllis Carter said...

Margaret Rumscheidt led the way.


During a public question period in 2008, Applebaum threatened to sue Margaret Rumscheidt a terminal cancer patient who asked him whether he would give up his real-estate practice since he presided over the borough's zoning committee.

"If somebody is going to come out and attack my integrity, then of course I will defend myself," Applebaum said in an interview.

Phyllis Carter said

I am one of the community members Michael Applebaum referred to as "mere splinters". Thus, I dubbed our small group of concerned citizens, "The NDG Splinters". As responsible citizens, we served as a thorn in the side of Michael Applebaum.

Applebaum treated us with contempt. He treated petitions with hundreds of signatures with contempt. He treated anyone who dared to differ with him with contempt, even Warren Allmand, a highly esteemed member of our community and of Canada.

And note, this is May, 2013, and NDG still has no library - thanks to the arrogance and greed of Michael Applebaum who serves only his own interests and the interests of his friends. "The noble Brutus hath said Caesar was ambitious." So is Michael Applebaum who builds monuments to his own glory.

May 18, 2013