Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Started by Maura Baez 
Petitioning: La Policía Federal Argentina – Delegación Comodoro Rivadavia
A group of cheerful teens gathered at Villa Huergo in the coastal city of Comodoro Rivadavia in Chubut province, Argentina to celebrate the end of the schoolyear. All of them had graduated successfully, the weather was perfect, there was every possible reason for a big celebration.At one point, some of the boys started throwing firecrackers around; it was not long until they spotted a dog that was wandering nearby. The boys called him and placed a firecracker in his mouth, laughing out loudly as it went off.
The shocking incident occurred in the plain sight of many other teenagers, who were left stunned. Luckily, a group of quick-minded girls grabbed the dog's body, full of blood and wounds, and carried her in their arms to the nearest veterinary clinic, which was about 3 kilometers away.

Paola Santacruz, the vet who treated the dog, was shocked to see the state in which the animal was brought to the clinic. She claimed that after an intervention to suture the open wounds, the dog, named Spark, is doing better and, most importantly, is out of harm's away. She also praised the girls that managed to rescue Spark during an interview on Radio Del Mar. The clinic announced that after Spark will fully recover, she will be adopted by one of the girls that saved her life.

Meanwhile, Marta Esposito, a local animal welfare activist, condemned the incident, claiming that such behavior towards helpless animals is not normal and shouldn't be embedded in the human heart.

We demand that the teens responsible for this irresponsible act will be held accountable for their actions. The teens' ages have not been revealed, so the extent to which the culprits can be prosecuted is unclear. However, we request that they pay in full for Spark's treatment at the veterinary clinic, issue a public apology and work as volunteers for a period of three months at a local animal welfare organization. We strongly feel that imposing these measures is extremely necessary in an effort to teach these kids about compassion and kindness to animals.

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