Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Guardians of the Voiceless — at Patiala::-|Real royal city of punjab.

Patiala, India ·
Update on Cello
What a difference!
Guardians is very excited to share with you Cello's improvement. Every single day that passes by she gets better!
It is hard to believe that only a few days ago this sweet girl could not walk on her own. Cello had a terrible wound on her back, she was dehydrated and malnourished, we could easily see her ribs sticking out.
We are just glad we arrived on time to save her life! After taking her to the Vet he told us she was going to need lots of attention.
She needs medication and plenty of exercise. Cello is also on a special high protein diet so she can regain her strength. Fortunately Cello loves to eat all her food without hesitation!
Now little by little she started to walk on her own, it is wonderful to see her trying to play with our little Guardians! We are so proud of them, they are really working hard taking care of Cello. It is for sure that these compassionate boys are going to make a difference in the world!
This sweet miracle girl needs a forever home, please help us end this story with a happy ending! Much love and light to all!
Team members - Babblu and Pankaj
Guardians of the Voiceless -
Pankaj Arora LuzMa Gomez Rajiv Mahajan

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