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Real royal city of punjab. Patiala, India ·
Meet Faaris one more rescue boy for Guardians!

Very early in the morning we heard someone knocking at the door.
Guardians is always ready to work so we jumped out of bed and ran to open the door.
Two guys who are streets sweepers informed us that while they were at the park they heard a dog crying. They noticed the dog was injured so they decided to come and get us.
Poor Faaris, he was in pain, unfortunately he got hit by a scooter. We immediately gave him painkillers to help him relax. The poor dog was shaking badly.
Once he calmed down we cleaned his wound and placed a bandage. There was a crowd watching us work, we feel that is important for others to see that all sentient beings need to be cared for.
Fortunately this handsome boy lives at the park, it will be easy for us to continue with his treatments. He will be fine in no time! Thank you for reading our stories!

Guardians sends you all our love and wish you a Merry Christmas!
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