Sunday, December 20, 2015


Daniel Krygier‎ to Canadians for Coexistence

On April 22, 1979, a terrorist named Samir Kuntar murdered the Israeli 4-year old girl Einat by brutally crushing her head. Kuntar also murdered the girl's father Danny and an Israeli police officer. Kuntar's long history of terror against Israel propelled him to the position as Hezbollah's commander in southern Syria.

Had little Einat lived only 70 years ago, her blood would have been shed with impunity and she would have become a nameless and faceless number among more than one million murdered Jewish children during the Holocaust. However, Einat lived in the resurrected homeland of the Jewish people. Yesterday, missiles fired from the Israeli air force removed Kuntar from earth and sent him to the court of ultimate judgement where he will be judged accordingly.

Modern Israel did not end anti-Semitism as Zionist leader Theodor Herzl had prematurely predicted. However, the resurrected and powerful Jewish nation-state has made it possible for the Jewish people to become masters of their own lives and keep the promise to past Jewish generations that Jewish blood will never again be shed with impunity.

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