Wednesday, December 23, 2015


If I had been in the same situation, I would have done exactly what Sandra Bland did, except that I do not smoke. I would have said exactly what she said. All the videos show young Ms. Bland asking proper questions and behaving in a peaceful, non-combative manner. We see her on her hands and knees on the ground having been forced from her car by the officer.  She is not moving. Even in the cell, she sits with her hands held in a prayerful pose. The only resistance she gave was about getting out of the safe place inside her car. She was absolutely right in everything she said and did. The arresting officer was aggressive and menacing. We can see and hear and feel his tyrannical attitude. He should be in prison - at least for assault. If I had been in the same situation, would I be dead? I am a 79 year old Caucasian journalist and an excellent driver with an excellent driving record. Would the officer have treated me in the same way for failing to signal a change of lane? Since he is clearly a bigot, he might treat me badly for being a senior citizen and a Jew.

Phyllis Carter
New York Daily News
Grand jurors in Texas chose not to indict any law enforcement officials in the death of Sandra Bland, who took her own life in a jail cell in July. READ MORE:

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