Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Guardians of the Voiceless

**Urgent Appeal**

Meet Biku our rescue dog that urgently needs your supoort!

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Last week while we were treating Tiger we heard a dog howling, we know he was trying to get someones attention. When we got close to him we noticed that this boy was disable, both of his front legs were bend, sadly this gentle boy could not get up or move on his own.
It was heart breaking to see this poor dog so helpless, we did not know for how long he has suffering, it seams his fractures are old, provability he had an accident when he was a pup.
We were asking people around if they knew him as we noticed that he was fed and not so dirty. Locals did not know him, we have no idea where this poor boy came from!
Guardians was not going to walk away, we could not wait, we immediately started to make phone calls to see who could help us. Mr. Pardeep who is looking after Tiger decided to help us, for now he is on a shed next to his shop were he is safe.
We are cannot give up on this boy! Biku is absolutely beautiful, as you can hear him he is very vocal, he tries to communicate with us when we visit him. We know this boy for sure has a story to tell!
Now we urgently need your help and support! Guardians needs to find a home as soon as possible! Biku needs a kind soul that can give this special boy all the love he deserves. Please Biku needs you, help us give him a voice!

We urgently need to find him a home. Thank you!
"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen."

~ Orhan Pamuk
Team member - Pankaj
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