Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I have been publishing reports and photographs of atrocities committed against animals in Europe, Asia and elsewhere that have made me cry. I would like to ignore these reports. They are so painful to look at. But I feel I must make the public around the world aware of these cruel acts. Before I started receiving these reports from Germany and America and elsewhere, I rarely thought about such cruelty. I never imagined the horror!

But one day I saw it with my own eyes. I was house sitting for a friend in Ontario. I looked out the window early one evening and I saw a bunch of young boys running after a cat they had set on fire. I cried and I called the police. I never told my friends what I had seen because I don't want that image to enter their minds. But I can never get that horror out of mine.

If you have the courage to look. If you have a heart that feels. If you have a mind that is horrified by these atrocities, please DO SOMETHING TO STOP THEM.

My part is to report, to reveal, to offer the evidence to you. What can you do?

Phyllis Carter

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