Sunday, December 13, 2015


Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection

Incident of dog ABUSE again in china In the absence of an "anti-cruelty to animals law".Cruelty to animals events happened repeatedly!
13th, DEC, 2015 afternoon, a heartbreaking ! angry !message Frantic forward to all the social network.
The message said: a woman in china Changchun adopted A stray dog from a rescue Shelter . because the Little dog make a noise in the night .

This crazy woman and her boyfriend did chop off the dog's paw and one of his leg and video recorded the whole cruelty barbaric slaughter process then publishing under social network to show off !!! How sickening!!! appalling!!!
After the news spread, Changchun animal lovers were extremely angry!!!
Soon the slaughtered's address and personal information is exposed by angry Internet users! Volunteers went to rescued this seriously injured but still survived the puppy, he was immediately has been taken to the local vet hospital.
Latest news: Around 20:20 , the dog surgery has completed. He has unable to fix up his broken leg because the cut off the legs have not found ...... He will be permanent disability , the other wounds can continue to treat to heal . The poor dog will be kept in the Vet hospital for tonight ......
We will keep you updated the latest news, let's pray for this poor baby.🙏🙏🙏
This link below is the Chinese version…

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