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Muslim men buying up about 30 or so propane tanks in Miami, FL on Dec. 9, 2015

Muslim men buying up about 30 or so propane tanks
in Miami, FL on Dec. 9, 2015

We now know there were at least six separate purchases of 60 or more cellphones each at different Walmarts in Missouri in the middle of the night by Middle Eastern men last week. 

Over the last couple of weeks in Missouri, dozens of propane tanks have been stolen. Now, in Florida a picture has been taken of Muslim men buying 30 or more propane tanks and loading them into a truck. I cannot fathom why anyone would need that much propane at once in Florida. But in both places, the FBI says they aren't concerned in the least and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Right. 

Approximately 360 burner phones get snapped up by men who don't speak English… phones that can be used for communications between terror cells or worse, as detonators for bombs. The kind that ISIS just demonstrated in their latest propaganda video where they placed bombs under their captives and detonated the explosives using a cell phone. Please, tell us again that there is nothing to worry about here.

From Mad World News:

An otherwise average trip to Home Depot took an alarming turn for one Miami, Florida shopper, when a couple of men dressed in Islamic garb were spotted outside the store, involved in suspicious behavior. What would have been a strange purchase for any average citizen was only made worse by who these shoppers were and what they were stocking up on, along with something else that's been happening.

A photo is going around the Internet which shows two Muslim men loading the back of their pickup truck with what is said to be approximately 30 propane tanks, reportedly taking place on December 9. While liberals may complain that it is bigoted profiling to be concerned about Muslims buying propane, nobody has the need for that many tanks, and it is especially suspicious, considering the mass buy out of cellphones in Missouri and stolen propane there as well. But, it gets worse.

With at least six Walmart stores in Missouri having reported Muslim men buying out hundreds of "throwaway" cellphones, all within a week's time, and then a later report of cans of propane stolen from a separate Walmart in Kansas City, Missouri, the nation has reason to wonder what's in the works.

No one seemed to think this purchase was out of place enough to warrant a call to the authorities. That's daft. Christmas is less than two weeks away. Radical Islamists would like nothing better than to take out a bunch of infidel Christians at this time of year to engender terror and chaos. Americans are terrified when they see these activities taking place and worse yet, that our agencies are doing literally nothing to track or stop them. We are courting bloody disaster here. The cellphones and propane tanks being bought could go virtually anywhere. Bombs could be set up all over the freaking country and we would have no way of knowing until way too late. They could be detonated from anywhere. Is this how we want to live? In abject fear of a terrorist attack? This is Obama's gift to us and it just keeps on giving fear, death and destruction. This country is literally full of soft targets and our enemies know it. Terrorists are emboldened by our weakness. It makes them brazen and they don't care if they are seen. The clock's ticking here and time is running out I fear.

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