Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Phyllis Carter and Bill Moyers shared a link.
The 1968 report's stark conclusion was that "our nation is moving towards two societies: one white, one black -- separate and unequal."

  • I think the battle is between the filthy rich and everyone else. I think it's a battle between the right wing olde south that wants to return to slave labor and moss covered mansions - cotton fields now replaced by oil wells. I think it is a battle of bigots and armed bullies versus people struggling to live peaceful lives with their neighbours. Since the end of World War 2, things have been going downhill. Mothers who went to work left latchkey kids to do as they pleased. Too often, they pleased to join gangs and drink and use drugs and vandalize and steal. When they didn't go to school, no one forced them to attend and sit still and get a decent education. And that generation raised the next generation. Promiscuity led to mothers appearing on television programs trying to decide who fathered this child and that one. The problems snowballed. Values that taught children of colour to go to church, speak politely, wash their hands, respect their elders, work for a living instead of mugging people and breaking into cash registers - these values went down the toilet. Generation after generation the problems grew and someone thought it was okay for police officers to handle the problems with tasers and guns instead of going to community leaders and working together. And now one young man after another - maybe smart aleck kids - maybe totally innocent - maybe minor thieves - have been killed by police who were either arrogant and vicious or weak and scared - or just stupid and irresponsible. When will it stop? When government puts its foot down firmly and juries start convicting criminals - even if those criminals carry a badge. The criminal in my own case stole my husband's New Jersey Deputy Sheriff's badge from my home in Canada, and the Montreal police helped the criminals. -

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