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April 1, 2015

Gordon Chamberlain commented on an article.
This is from the same group who think the end time is coming for the 36 or 52 time.  
Is is wise to realized Christian Europe profited from the atrocities of slavery, burning witches, colonialism, and now ecocide causing extensive damage or destroying the web of life on our planet .  

Ecocide is a Crime

WASHINGTON -- On Tuesday, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) repeatedly compared the controversial religious freedom law he...

  • Phyllis Carter  The End Times: There will be wars and rumors of wars. But only people with mental problems believe lunatics like Jim Jones who say the world is about to end. There are not enough insane asylums. If you want to thump a bible read the part where the writer speaking for God tells you not to believe those rumors. Sane people do not drink poisoned Kool Aid or set their homes on fire or butcher their children to save their souls. Sane people try to find ways to deal with the real problems we have today - such as looney evangelicals, suicidal murderers, climate change that is killing thousands of people, animals, plants, our water supply, child trafficking for their body parts, slavery by any other name, crooked lawyers and politicians, animals suffering at the hands of men, young people out in the streets using drugs, guns and knives instead of being in school and learning something worthwhile. Pick a problem. I have only suggested a few. There is enough reality that needs action without following some nut case who can only lead you to dusty death.

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