Sunday, April 5, 2015


I have no appreciation for "religious" people of any denomination who focus on death and spend their time, effort and money on preaching and promoting death and the afterlife instead of helping those who are fighting illness, war and poverty and just struggling to live. It is idol worship, promoting god images and messages created by men thousands of years ago instead of alleviating suffering, financing health research and medical care and feeding the poor and providing clean water for the thirsty.

The bible thumpers of all religions will protest, but truth cannot be stopped. I am a voice in the wilderness with no power, but truth has all the power.

Here are some of the things I have learned about truth:
You can deny it, suppress it, distort it, try to discredit it, try to shame or intimidate or silence the one who tells it.
You can hide it under a pile of lies and deceptions.
You can find associates who will help you smother it or heap dirt or ridicule on it.
You can shove it under a bushel basket and sit on it.
But the truth about truth is that it is always true. And it will shine through.

Phyllis Carter

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