Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Green Party of Canada 

Two years ago, Stephen Harper signed an agreement with China: the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement (FIPA).

The agreement was kept secret from Canadians for weeks until it was quietly tabled in the House of Commons. No press release. No technical briefing.

Because I was waiting and watching for the treaty to surface I was able to alert Canadians. Otherwise, it is possible that Prime Minister Harper could have quietly passed this dangerous treaty without the public knowing.

At the time, Canadians across the country took action to stop the ratification of FIPA -- and so far, we have been successful.

Stephen Harper can ratify FIPA any day by a vote of his Cabinet without returning the treaty to the House of Commons. If ratified, this agreement would enable state owned enterprises of the Peoples' Republic of China to:

- Sue the Canadian Government for damages resulting from any law that impacts their profits. Damages could be claimed against Canada for laws at the municipal, provincial, territorial or federal level – including laws aimed at protecting our land and water.

- Settle trade disputes outside of Canadian courts. Special arbitrators in secret tribunals would make decisions that could not be appealed.

- Enforce the agreement for a minimum of 31 years – Unlike NAFTA, which Canada could opt out of in only six months.

The Green Party of Canada has led the fight to stop this deal from the very beginning.

Add your name today to tell the Harper Conservatives that Canada needs sensible free trade that won't put our sovereignty at risk.

This month all eyes will be on the Hupacasath First Nation's legal challenge to FIPA, with a decision expected from the courts by the end of the month.

Now is the time to take action and show your support -- add your voice with thousand of Canadians today:


Thank you Trudy,


Elizabeth May, O.C.
MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands
Leader, Green Party of Canada

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