Thursday, September 11, 2014


While thousands of people slaughter each other,
In God's name -
"My God is better than your God !" -
I give a lot of thought to what I believe.
I believe that everyone knows a little
About a lot.
I believe that no one knows the truth
About the Creator and Sustainer of everything:
No human being has the capacity to understand.
I believe that a Mind started everything:
Don't ask me who or what created the Mind.
I believe that God is neither good nor bad,
But the totality of everything.
I believe that everything that exists
Is a part of the Creator,
Not just a product of creation.
I believe that every human being,
Every animal, every plant,
Contains a spark that is a part of the Creator.
That Spark is Life.
I believe that, among human beings,
There are parts of God - 
Some positive
Some negative -
In varying combinations,
And proportions:
Shades of Light,
Shades of Darkness.
And so I believe that,
Somewhere in the world,
There is a Spark
That is destined to help me obtain justice.
It is only a matter of waking up that Spark.
And so I write.

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