Friday, September 5, 2014


When young people drop out of school,
Where do they go?
What do they do?
All too often, they find ways
To cause trouble
For themselves
And everyone else.
Why is this allowed to happen?
There was once
Compulsory military service.
I disapprove of conscription.
I hate war.
But that doesn't mean idleness
Is the only option.
I propose that
When a young person drops out of school,
He or she should be required by law
To do something useful,
Something to benefit themselves,
And society.
Community service is one solution.
There is no end to the needs.
What we need is government that
Passes legislation,
Organizes leadership
To form community services boards.
When a student drops out of school,
He or she would be required to
Report to the community services board.
There, the student would
Present his or her reasons for leaving school.
Without delay,
There would be an evaluation of
Compassionate needs for health reasons,
Or family needs.
The student would present his or her
Curriculum Vitae,
And options would be presented
Based on the student's skills and interests,
And the community's needs.
The boards would a act quickly
To find employment for the applicant,
And help with basic, essential needs.
Where needed,
The board should have the resources  to
Provide decent housing, food, medical care,
And special education.
If the student cannot do a regular job,
He or she should be placed in
A situation of service to those in need.
Almost everyone can do something.
When the drop-out is not in the street,
And idle,
He or she could be useful,
And on the path to an honourable future -
Absent of drugs and crime.
Everybody benefits.
Who loses?
Criminals and drug dealers.
Why isn't this being done?

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