Thursday, September 18, 2014


People spend thousands of dollars for a "pure-breed" dog or cat.
At the same time, hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are desperate for a home.
Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats all over the world suffer and die - from hunger, from cold or severe heat, from abuse and cruelty. Or they are "euthanized" - a euphemism - a fancy term - that really means they are gassed or poisoned under the pretext of doing mercy.
Hundreds of thousands of dog are EATEN as "delicacies" in Asia.
It is idiotic - arrogant - to buy made-to-order creatures just so you can show off or profit from them by breeding. Pets bred for this market are not responsible for how they come to life. Those that are born must be loved. Meanwhile, what of the thousands of pets in shelters who will most likely be killed?
If you want a pet to LOVE and to be loved by, you know where to find one, and it won't cost you thousands of dollars.
But don't pretend to love an animal when, what you really want, is another THING to show off.
An animal - anima - is a soul. Animals have intelligence and feelings. No one has a right to abuse them.
Have a Heart.
Phyllis Carter

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