Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Little girls and young women are being raped all over the world. Why? Because men must satisfy their every desire. Because men envy and fear women. They must control and conquer them. Because such men are savages, religious fanatics, perverts, greedy, mentally defective, self-centered, criminal, arrogant bastards.
And because societies all over the world, run by men, allow them to do it. 
You will read here on this blog of the sexual abuse of little girls and young women around the world. With television news available to everyone, we have become accustomed to hearing of sexual abuse in India, Cambodia, Africa, Thailand and other not-yet "civilized" societies.
It is long past due for us to recognize, notice, admit, and protest full-force, the abuse of little girls and young women all over the world - even in America - on college campuses, in the military, in churches, on the streets, in their own homes.
Why is it happening?
Because our governments, our police, our society
Let it happen.
Because those who should be protecting girls - protect their rapists instead.

Young women raped at Columbia University in the U.S.A. blame school authorities and police for aiding their rapists. They will not be silent. Neither should we. Silence implies consent and, by our silence, we make ourselves accomplices to the heinous criminals who enjoy the protection of  "The System". They are such nice boys. So what if they enjoy a little fun? That is "The System" our society supports.

Slavery is now frowned on.

Women have the right to vote.

But RAPE is still okay.

Phyllis Carter

Hundreds of students turned out for a rally at Columbia University in New York City on Friday bearing mattresses and chanting "carry that weight," a reference to the emotional burden they say all survivors must shoulder each day. Some wore red tape over their mouths to symbolize the harms done by Columbia's bureaucratic handling of sexual assault. Earlier this month, Columbia University senior Emma Sulkowicz announced she would carry a dorm room mattress with her everywhere on campus until her rapist is expelled or leaves campus on his own. We play excerpts from Friday's rally and speak to Sulkowicz and fellow Columbia University senior Zoe Ridolfi-Starr. She was also sexually assaulted at Columbia in 2012. She is the lead complainant in a federal complaint against Columbia over its handling of sexual assault.

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