Saturday, December 12, 2015


Guardians of the Voiceless  at Patiala:-  Real royal city of punjab.

Meet Cia 
The first treatment of the day. *Graphic picture at the end*
During the morning one kind shopkeeper informed us about a female dog that unfortunately was abused several days ago. He explained us that someone poured boiling water on her back.
The poor girl was very scared, we offered her food but she did not trusted us. She started to run trying to find a place where she could feel safe. She attacked us several times, one of our team members got a bite on his finger. He is alright!
We had to be very patient, little by little we got close to her, we hold her until she was calm. Guardians reassured her that we were there to help her. All she needed was someone to love her!
This poor girl got an old burn, it was not fresh, she did not have any blisters, her skin was not raw and it already started to get thicker. Unfortunately it was not healing properly.
We immediately gave her painkillers to help her relax. We gently trimmed the hair around the wound and cleaned the area with saline water. Since the burn was old we had to applied mixed antiseptic solution to prevent further infection. We also applied ointment, we gave her antibiotics as well.
Cia's wound will take time to heal, we will make sure we continue with her daily treatments. This sweet girl is going to be just fine!
We all have so much to learn form these precious beings, even tough she was abused her innocence was not broken. God bless her!
Team members - Babblu and Pankaj
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