Tuesday, December 8, 2015


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Xi'an University of cruelty to animals Tang belly experiment abandoned dogs die rooftops 

Medical suspect QUICKER vivo dog Canbei Tang belly abandoned rooftop
Xi'an University of suspected abuse have experimental animals. Local animal groups blew the whistle, Xi'an Medical has over 30 only as the day before the experiment was abandoned dogs on the roof, either on their own in the cold. The dog's mouth tied with a bandage on a wound still bleeding stomach stapling, and the scene appalling. Animal groups criticized the way the school treated the experimental dog, cruel inhuman behavior. Currently the school did not respond, but has been suspended according to reported experiments.
Animal protection groups reported event "Xi'an selfless rescue team" Leader Wang yesterday to "Apple", said the day before yesterday received complaints from residents, refers Weiyang Xi'an Medical Campus have dogs screams, someone suspected of cruelty to animals. She then visited with the volunteers arrived, found the school to really floor stairs between 4 to 6 floor with blood, after the roof was found more than 20 experiments only dog lying on the ground, suffering from cold and torture, as well as more than a dozen that are not used experimental dog tied with a chain railing, "Every dog has breathing when up, but was dying."
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