Wednesday, May 27, 2015


In my youth, people suffered from measles, whooping cough and crippling polio. In other countries malaria and dhenghe fever and ebola took millions of innocent lives without mercy. And then there was AIDS. So many helpless people suffered and died in those 20th century plagues, and even into the 21st.

But there is one plague today that no one calls "plague". It is the most devastating and prevalent disease of all and it is coursing through humanity across the globe.

This sickness is highly contagious, passed from parents to their children, from brother to brother, neighbour to neighbour. Thousands of people have died horrible deaths as it ravages their lives and yet, those who survive continue to pass this misery to their loved ones - willingly - as if it were a gift and not a death sentence.

There is no medicine for this disease, although there can be treatments. At this very moment, it is running rampant across all the continents wiping out thousands of lives and destroying whole cities. 

Most tragically, the innocent victims do not realize that they actually have the power to stop this fatal disease - by simply refusing to accept it.

The disease is not something from outer space. No god that I know of has ordained this plague. It is a man-made condition, perhaps starting in their genes, but intentionally grown and nurtured by men.

The plague of our time has many names. The most easily understood term is insanity.

Phyllis Carter

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