Saturday, May 2, 2015


This is Jessica Anne Taylor. She was last seen in Toronto,Ontario Canada early March 2015!! It is believed that Jessica made a brief appearance to the Toronto Police station but no one heard from her since.
We are concerned that she may be caught in a situation that she feels stuck and vulnerable. We are in Ottawa and don't even know where to begin looking in Toronto. If you see this young lady on the streets anywhere. Please stop her and tell her that her family and especially her beautiful baby girl is looking forward to hearing her voice.
We need everyone's help, from taking a second to share this post to delivering the message to Jessica if you see her. I promise every time someone see her picture, we are likely one step closer to finding her safe.
Please share. and if you can be so bold and you do run into her; HUG her for us.
Thanks. heart emoticon..


Hennie Marsh said...


Samantha Pfleeger said...

She is still missing

Tracey Cimello said...

So this is false information?

J. Alzner said...

Hennie and Tracey, it's not that it's false information. She did walk into the police station and say she was ok but she still hasn't contacted her family and they just want to verify she isn't being coerced into staying away.