Friday, May 22, 2015


I won't have a funeral. I won't have my loved ones spending money so foolishly. The Paperman Family has wallowed in the money of thousands of Montreal families for generations. Enough. The same may be said of other funeral businesses. It has little or nothing to do with the centre of the event. 

Like the industry of wedding extravaganzas, money spent on funerals goes to show and tell, displays and rituals. Parties with little sandwiches and a lot of flowers and an expensive wooden box that will rot in the earth. People "catching up" who had no interest in helping you when you were alive.

Funerals have little or nothing to with God or eternity. Nothing to do with immortality or souls. They are no comfort to dead cells, cold brains and blood.

What a waste!

If you like me, be fair to me while I am alive. If you love me, help me fight for justice. Do what you can to make my life easier. Give me incentive to go on living.  Inspire me to health. Stir up hope in my heart.

Don't send flowers to a corpse.

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Phyllis Carter said...

So true and so real. Eulogize the person when alive not dead Tell them you love them, be kind, appreciate be thankful. A corpse does not hear, talk or feel but the person who live does, to life to life le Chaim enjoy life.