Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I don't buy man-made religion. But I find a lot of good in Judaism and Christianity. 

The orthodox tell us we cannot pick and choose what we want to believe in the bible, but no one has a right to tell me what I can pick and choose. I was endowed with a functioning brain which, I believe was designed so I might live in the world where I appeared. 

But I also believe the one who provided this brain intended that it be used, and I choose to use it to think, to reason, to form ideas and opinions and decide what my part in this world should be. 

If someone says, "God bless you." I feel loved and blessed. If someone I dine with says grace or asks me to say grace, I am honoured and humble. I will not throw out the proverbial baby with the dirty water. 

I choose to choose. I choose to decide. I choose to be whatever I want to be within the limits of my ability. No one gets to tell me what to think or what to believe or what to say. In short, I choose to be a mensch, to take the best I can find in life and contribute the best I can, and do all in my power to leave this world a better place than I found it, no matter what anyone says or does.

I bow to no man.

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