Sunday, February 8, 2015


There is good evidence that there is prejudice against the Jewish General Hospital in Quebec, even though the JGH welcomes doctors, nurses, techs and patients of languages and religions from every corner of the globe. While Sacre Coeur Hospital in Montreal forbids anyone to speak English, you can speak Urdu or Farci or Chinese at the JGH and someone will come to help you. 

Oh, yes. You may speak French there. So many do. The doctor to whom I owe my life speaks French. He has kept me alive for 20 years. How can I express my love and devotion to him? He speaks English to me and French to his confreres, and welcome to it. He gathers information to help me live. He cares that I am alive. Don't anyone try to persuade me that Quebec Francophones are bigots. Don't anyone try to tell me that we should fear French-speakers. 

Bless the JGH with many more doctors who speak French or Arabic or any language while they save lives. But be aware that there are hateful separatists in power in Quebec, and they control the purse strings to hospitals. Is that why the JGH does not have enough doctors to fill the needs? Enough equipment to save as many lives as they want to? 

I listen to patients, secretaries, nurses, researchers, technicians and I know the JGH needs another MRI. Cancer patients are subjected to excess radiation for tests because the Quebec Government will not allow the hospital to hire enough staff to use MRI machines.The hospital has only one MTI. Even if a philanthropist wants to pay for another MRI, the machine needs trained staff, and people tell me the Quebec goverment refuses to fund more qualified technicians. Why does the government of Quebec hate the Jewish General Hospital?


Phyllis Carter said...

Correction- MRI, nor MTI. Typo goof.

Phyllis Carter said...

Woops ! Second typo that slipped through. I missed an "n" in government.