Friday, February 20, 2015


Here is the invitation to our Interfaith Celebration for World Peace. I organized it for our group, Canadians for Coexistence. I hope everyone who lives in or near Montreal will click on the link below and register. You may also register family and friends, but please get their permission first and then write their email address in the registry along with their first and last name.

Imagine the clergy of eight different religions all pleading for world peace with one voice! We will have full media coverage and I hope, a full house!

Let us all coexist in peace together, no matter our differences. heart emoticon

Here is the link:

May this message inspire people everywhere to organize similar gatherings to share and promote peace and harmony. Reach out and meet your neighbours. Contact us on Facebook, Canadians for Coexistence, if you need suggestions for organizing an Interfaith (race, language, culture) Celebration.  
Phyllis Carter

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Phyllis Carter said...

Nations gathered to celebrate our many cultures in harmony and peace in 2014. We look forward to meeting again in April, 2015 with many new friends and neighbours.