Sunday, August 19, 2012


August 19 - 20, 2012
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Iran's government wants to legalize the marriage of 10-year-old girls to adult men. Please SIGN to stop this horrific child abuse, and LIKE this post so more people can see this petition!
Phyllis Carter  - What is rape to tyrants? They have always raped the innocent. If this report is true, would the mothers of Iran allow their little girls to be raped? If so, the world will finally understand what has become of Iran - a land that used the be the epitome of culture and wisdom.
Michelle Lord please hear these girls cries for help. Even in our own states we have sex slaves. I just hate it.
Phyllis CarterI am always appalled by people who call upon "The Lord" to help the innocent, the victims. It is a giant cop-out.
God is not going to come out of a cloud and rescue the innocent. Look at the children of the world who are starving, being raped, being butchered. God is not coming down from the sky to save them. He has not come through all the centuries.
It is people who help - or do not help. Whoever created us gave us the means to act - or not act. If you can do anything to help - do it. If you can't, don't waste God's time with nonsense.
My gift is communication. I do what I can by speaking and writing truth. It is all I am able to do. My prayers are private and I don't use them to show readers that I am caring and pious.

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