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August 24, 2012
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Dear Pauline Marois, I am 25 years old and I have my Bachelors degree in Education from Concordia. I speak and write PERFECT French because I learned it at a very young age. College and University are already difficult for Quebecois people to get into. Our society depends on trades because most students don't graduate high school. To dictate what language ADULTS should study in is by far the most extreme political antic I have witnessed other than the referendum. I have traveled everywhere around the world and used my French proudly as well as my Canadian Citizenship! Quebec is my home and will be my future children's home. What you are doing is creating hate and discrimination... I walked into the gas station the other day and the teller asked me which car was mine at the pump (in French) I answered Hyundai (but with an English accent, thinking who cares what model car I have) the cashier said to me "on est a Quebec icite! C'est des Anglais comme toie que j'ai ben hate qu'on vous crisse dehors de notre province!" Not only did I tell him off in French I told him to learn to speak French properly because "icite" is not a word! Most pure Quebecois French speaking people are ignorant, rude, and un-educated. I know this because I grew up and worked in a small French speaking town and have witnessed a lot of dumb people doing and saying stupid things!

I would like to add on a final note that I am aware that you have done tremendous things for our Province. Setting up 7$ a day daycare and creating one of the leading childcare systems in the world! I thank you for that because I owe my career to you! I work in daycares and I just wanted to let you know I teach in French and repeat everything in English. 4-5 year olds are happy to learn both languages and it's to their benefit. It improves their cognitive development and much more.

You have made me really sad and angry to be born here! I wish you would just improve our education system and focus on making a pride filled and smart society rather than a divided ignorant hate filled society! Many innocent people will be affected by your choice of words and decisions. I am so happy I am not a black or arab person because I can only imagine what they will be going through during these elections.
I'm sure they will be hearing a lot of "ortourne donc dans ton ostite paye!) Quebecors don't even speak proper French, they speak slang and it actually make's them look like hillbilly idiots)

Just letting you know, you do NOT HAVE my vote and I will ONLY be speaking English from now on just to anger the French separatists as they have angered me!
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Phyllis Carter  - Bravo Alexis ! We need more young people to speak up for justice. We "minority " citizens are so timid, so afraid of being put down - even punished by the Quebec Language Police - that we often make the mistake of keeping our mouths shut rather than speaking up for what is rightfully ours. This is CANADA, We are citizens of what is known as a "free country", a democracy. Yet we fear the anger of some of our Francophone neighbours in Quebec. My family members came to Canada at the beginning of the twentieth century - the early 1900's. We have every right to claim our citizenship - our FULL citizenship - without bowing to the petty bullies who try to make us feel we are not PURE enough to have full rights and respect. Bravo for telling the truth openly. If we do not, the bullies and criminals will crush us and make us join the many who have already abandoned Quebec. I'm not going anywhere. And if I decide to speak Greek or Korean or Russian along with my English and French, I defy any bully to do anything about it. I am a Canadian.

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