Saturday, August 25, 2012


People have created gods in their own image - from fanged satyrs to a bearded grandfather sitting on a cloud with quill in hand, determining our fate. "Did you eat pork - on Saturday yet ! Damned to the fires of eternal hell !"
Poor pig. He is the one with a legitimate grievance.
We create God to suit our needs. Today, science is getting a smidgen closer to truth as it explores String Theory and infinite outer space with the development of computers.  Have you seen a sparticle ? Have you seen God ?
Those who are not afraid to consider using their brains might readjust their concept of "God". But those who hunger for power will continue to press the weak to accept the ancient myths and obey the rules they impose on their followers. If you don't accept what they want you to believe and do what they want you to do - they lose their power over you. But some have ways of ensuring that you bow to their wishes.
Tyrants function best if they can make you afraid. In the Middle East, stoning you to death is one effective way of ensuring you obey. Cutting off your head is sure to silence your doubts.
Then they blame God for the atrocities they commit.
In western society, shunning can make you feel unworthy of the priest's blessings and the comfort of the community. The priest who baptized me ordered me to "conform !" He was a good man, but very weak. His wife crushed his spirit and took his ministry for herself.  I never did "conform."  Whoever created me provided a good working brain.
I believe there is God, but "He" - for want of a better word - is beyond our comprehension. The best we can do is dare to think.
I believe there is a Creator. "In Him we live and move and have our being." Acts 17:28.
If you pay attention, you might pick out the wisdom in those ancient writings that science is now finding in reality.
The Creator doesn't sit on a cloud watching to see what boo-boo's we commit. "He" is everywhere in everything all the time - Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent - or he is nowhere, ever, and of no consequence.
If you don't listen to those who want to control  your mind, your money and your life, you might start to see truth and light.
Why did God give us brains if he didn't want us to use them ? Just to crawl around on our calloused knees singing "His" praise? Is the God of all creation so needy that he requires us little folks to keep telling "Him" how wonderful "He" is ?  Is God so insecure, so petty - or so vain, so human - that he needs constant flattery and mindless obedience?
Or is ritualistic worship a form of mind control that benefits mostly those who wield power over great masses of people?
Grown ups dare to use the brains God gave them. "Who has seen the wind?" But if we seek truth using our innate intelligence, we may see the fruit of the works of the Creator everywhere.
I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect intended us to forego their use.  Galileo (1564 - 1642 )
The real question is not - "Is there a God?" - but  - "Does God care about us?"
Cogito, ergo sum.  Descartes (1637)

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