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How many more Canadian citizens will be heading east, west, north and south to escape Quebec bigots ? Here is one of thousands who have left already.

But who cares?

Phyllis Carter

For many decades you have heralded yourselves as the "champions" of the proverbial "little guy". There is no debate you have taken on, in your own way, causes and issues long ignored by the federal Liberals and Conservatives. In many cases, popular or not, you have indeed been the voice of the ignored, unwanted, and disregarded.

I remember the days of post-election signs and bumper stickers that read: "Don't blame me I voted NDP". Now, you are the Official Opposition in the House of Commons. It has been a long and arduous journey for the party. Supporters or not… we all know that it has.

With the above facts noted, I ask you then: Why have you ignored the pleas for equality from Anglophone Quebecers for the 'safety' of appeasing Quebec nationalists? Have you become yet another party of "politics first, principles be damned"?

It would appear that you now see us in the same light as do the federal Liberals and Conservatives consider us: that Quebec Anglophones are a 'reasonable sacrifice' in order to win seats in Quebec. Pandering to Quebec nationalism and linguistic supremacy in the province is 'the way'?

I contend that you have abandoned your principles. That you have abandoned what your party once stood for. That you have abandoned, like every other provincial and federal party has, a minority in return for votes. I contend that you are no longer any different from the status quo and that you have become a part of it. There exists no greater example of this than your turned backs and covered ears when faced with questions about Quebec's Anglophone community.

You have abandoned a community that has for the past 40 years been treated as "les autres", called "maudit anglais" and told "loi 101 ou 401". 500,000 feeling Quebec was no longer "home" and leaving… Not a word. Instead you have become the champions and official supporters of the continued eradication of our language, our culture, our place in Canadian history… You have abandoned us, for votes. Long live principle… may it rest in peace.

The NDP, through its silence and now pandering to those bent on the destruction of Canada has become an 'equal'… So please, enjoy your new found position as an equal in the status quo. The status quo that you for so long claimed to be fighting.

The fact that the majority of Canadians speak English is not a justification for being, by law, a second class citizen in the province of our birth. We are not Ontarians. We are not Albertans. We are Quebecers!

At every turn, every job interview, every fact of life Anglophones in Quebec are reminded that we are merely tolerated.

With every stop sign at every corner, in our own communities, with every "Arrêt" we are reminded: "You are not welcome here". Anglophone Quebec is a small island in a greater sea of tepid tolerance to boiling and seething hate. A community held accountable for wars and actions of centuries past.

It is time the NDP take stock of what you stand for. Take account of who you stand for and those you have abandoned to gain power and status.

Ask yourselves, do you stand for all Canadians… or now, just those that will get you into office?

I am fortunate. I now live in the United States. A place where I am recognized by my American friends and family for what my government, my country will not… I am recognized for who I am, an Anglophone-Quebecer.

Steve Mace


Detroit, Michigan

By 49th Press Staff | - 6:48 PM | Editorial



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