Thursday, September 1, 2011


Here is a person I admire. Author and activist Irshad Manji is courageous, honest, brilliant, fair, amazingly clear in her thinking and sharply articulate in her presentations.
I recommend that anyone who loves justice take a look at her web site and see what a special person she is. With all the news about Islam and terrorists that has frightened and angered the world, our minds are clouded with the horrors of what extremists have done
But look at Irshad Manji and see what a faithful Muslim really is. Read what she believes about culture and human rights and the responsibilities of the individual. It is all about rights and responsibilities of the individual - not the race, religion or culture, but the individual.
If you look at Irshad Manji with an open mind, you will be uplifted and inspired. She is a breath of clean air in a filthy world.
In Arabic, Irshad means "guidance." Irshad Manji's mission: to guide people
about Muslim reform and moral courage. Irshad is founder and director of the
Moral ... -

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