Friday, September 9, 2011


Three hundred and forty-three firefighters and 72 police officers died on 9/11.
When they rushed to the World Trade Centre, they were not deterred by the immediate danger, nor did they stop to consider the poisons they were being subjected to as they struggled to save all those lives.
Now, as those brave men who survived that infamous day suffer with the cancers that grew from the asbestos and other toxic substances that covered their bodies, their hands and faces and filled their mouths and eyes and noses and lungs, they are being brushed aside as an inconvenience to those who hold power and the nation's purse strings.
There must be a world-wide outcry against this horrible abuse of those who risked everything for the sake of strangers. They are the true heroes we all wish for in times of trouble. Don't let them down now.
Phyllis Carter
9/11 Fire fighters face high Cancer Risk
New York firefighters who responded to the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center are more likely to have cancer than their colleagues who were not exposed, a new study suggests. During the study, the researchers found 263 cases of cancer occurred compared with 238 expected from the general population. Among firefighters who did not work at the site, 135 cancers were diagnosed compared with 161 expected from the general population.

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