Friday, September 9, 2011


Show me a politician who deserves my trust. Any party, anywhere.
It is all a game for hungry men and women to ascend to the thrones of power. Any aspiring politician with truly noble motives is crushed by the party system. The independent politician is a rare bird and worth considering. He or she may be a jewel or a nut.
I vote with my blogs. Here I say exactly what I know and what I think and I back up what I say with specific information - names, dates. An X on a ballot is just a cipher. My words are the truth and have reached more than 31,000 people around the world as I write today.
What do I want in a politician? Honesty. Impossible. The game of politics is about deception and distraction - smoke and mirrors. Once the winner ascends to power, the voter's needs are secondary at best. My blogs report details to support this view.
What do I want from government ? Neither left nor right, but JUSTICE.
I want Medicare to be protected and expanded to include parts of the body like teeth and eyes. Adequate home care services for those who are ill and do not need or want to be institutionalized.
No one's health should be jeopardized due to a lack of funding. Without good health, we have nothing. Try playing polo with bone cancer.
Look at where the money is really going. Why does a tiny vial of medicine cost $1,000.00 or more ? Ask why. Watch and see where the profits really go.
I want security for our social security. You don't have to give a check to every senior. If the citizen has a fat bank account, property in sunny climes and a yacht, he or she can leave a little in the pot for lesser mortals.
I want a government that will protect and defend the now-non-existent "rights" of crime victims and victims of abuse - instead of protecting the rights of criminals as it does now. Montreal Police have told me that "Crime victims have no rights".
I want punishment for lawyers who lie and cheat to free criminals.
I want careful security to protect us from killers, rapists and terrorists, but I insist that government not use the law to abuse innocent people because of their race or religion.
Yes, I want a lot. I want JUSTICE.
Show me any politician or party I can trust to honour these essential requirements and maybe I will vote at the polls again.

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