Wednesday, September 21, 2011


  This is a message from one of Clifford Olson's victims.
He murdered her young sister.
I wrote to let her know Clifford Olson is dying. I copy her message here verbatim, only clarifying her grammar to help the reader.
Yes, I know they called from the prison that he was going over to the prison hospital. He has been going out for the last year and a half. Now the families are waiting for that last call waiting to hear that he will soon be dead.
Today, all I can do is cry and I don't know why? Its on the news all day and radio maybe it's that.
All I know is even now they (the authorities) don't have the respect to the families because of the privacy act to tell us that he had cancer, but the media found out today and it's reporting that he may have days. Will it bring closure for me ? It will always be a life time of pain.
My mother died in January, 2010, with cancer breast lung and brain and she wasn't in the news. And she didn't get treatments, and what's more sad is - once again, he (Olson) will still benefit from that pension that's in his prison bank that's over 150.000 dollars.
Meantime the taxpayer housed him all these years. And I think the government should do the right thing here and give this to the families for the damage and pain and suffering we all went through.
My heart today is broken and I don't know why! I will always have (my sister) in my heart. but I can't explain it. I'm hurting that we really never got justice.
I  wrote to B. saying I would publish her message without identifying her. Here is her answer.
I don't  care if you do. You can even send it to all the papers because I can't. I'm still crying. WHY IS THAT ? WHY?

With love B

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