Wednesday, August 31, 2011


August 31, 2011
Phyllis Carter posted to Cheryl
As long as there are lawyers with loopholes and fraternal handshakes, there will never be justice for crime victims. And note how many politicians are lawyers. How can crime victims ever hope for justice? Canadians think we are better than other countries, but it is a lie. We are just more quiet and polite about injustice. But there is a breaking point - as we are seeing in many countries now - when the people will just refuse to accept anymore abuse.
Sarah -   I totally agree with that.
Cheryl  -  So true...Phyllis you are so intelligent and I love you !
Cheryl, Sarah,

There have always been criminals - and there always will be. It is in the nature of nature itself. It comes out of the drive for survival - so it is basic, but with some people, that drive gets out of control. Those people don't just struggle to "make a living" - they go further to get what they want at the expense of others.

What is not so easy to accept as "natural" is when the people who are paid to protect the innocent fail to do that and, instead, find ways to profit by protecting criminals. We, THE PEOPLE, must fight against that with everything we've got. We have to find ways to turn this corrupt society around.

But, look, all the money and power is in the hands of lawyers who are trained to play tricks, to lie and to cheat. Then they become the law-makers and they create laws and use those laws to cover the parts they sit on - the big bucks.

The only weapon we have that will not draw blood is THE TRUTH. We have to keep telling the truth relentlessly - loud, clear, often, everywhere, day and night without ceasing. As long as we have each other and the truth, the fight is on.

The villains will do whatever they can to try to ignore us, discredit us, divert us, distract us, intimidate us - in the hope that they can silence us. Alone, we are helpless. But we are not alone. And they can only pretend to ignore us. No doubt my name - and yours - are on lists in offices somewhere, marked "Pest" or "Trouble-Maker."

Paranoid? Why not ? I have earned the right to be paranoid.

More than 30,700 people around the world have already read my blogs. There is no sign of justice yet, but we are not alone and we are not silent. Let's come up with ideas and share them with victims everywhere. Together, we have great potential. The liars and thieves have reason to worry.

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