Friday, August 12, 2011


They know it is highly unlikely that they will be caught;
And, if by chance, they are caught,
They become "the accused"
And are entitled to a lawyer.
And then they can claim they didn't do anything wrong;
And if that fails, they can say, they were impaired,
And they didn't remember doing anything wrong.
And if that fails, they can say,
They suffered from "temporary insanity".
It has to be "temporary"
Or they might end up in a mental institution.
And all their buddies and aunts and uncles will say,
"He is such a good boy (girl) "
At the same time,
The public cannot know the identity of the young person,
Who claims he (she) didn't do anything wrong - 
While impaired and temporarily insane.
And he wasn't even there when it happened.
And with a loophole or two,
And overcrowding in the system,
And a lawyer who has a dozen other "innocent" clients,
Waiting -
The little criminal will saunter away -
And the public will pay for the lawyer;
And the little criminal will move freely among us,
And we will never know -
Until ....

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