Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It is troubling that when a great man dies, there are selfish, greedy people who still are not ashamed to reveal that they are counting their money for fear that some unemployed father or a sick old woman, might get a little of it.
It makes me sick to see the right-wing extremists holding so much power in politics and in the media of our western society that the poor, the unemployed, those fighting deadly illness are being overshadowed by those who love money more than other people's lives.
Jack Layton did nothing to help me in my plight. He ignored my pleas completely - as have all other politicians except Marlene Jennings. She spoke up for my rights at two public meetings in Montreal in 2008 but once she was re-elected, she just disappeared.
But Jack Layton was a great man with great potential to make the world a better place for ordinary people. A charming, straight forward man of noble courage and demeanor.
It is said "You can't shame a snake." You can only shame Scrooge in an old story at Christmas. But Scrooge is alive and well and living in luxury in North America today. And Jack Layton might have turned the tide and helped us.
In times to come, if society fails to destroy itself completely, historians will be holding up Jack Layton as the knight in shining armour who didn't live long enough to get us on a path to survival and that JUST SOCIETY so many of us still dare to dream of.

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