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This album is not designed to shock or distress supporters(even though it is a distressing situation)..We need to avoid Complacency..Complacency Kills..We cannot, as a united front become silent or give up fighting against Yulin and the DM Trade in general..Social media has made a huge contribution to the campaign against China's dog meat trade and support to the Chinese activists..Right before last year's festival, a group of 11 Chinese animal rights activists spent 50,000 Yuan (£5,100) on buying 1,381 dogs from butchers in Yulin.In 2014, activists intercepted 18 trucks on a highway in northern China that were filled with dogs and saved 8,000. In 2015, a similar intervention saved 3,000 dogs...These numbers do include the thousands that were saved by Activists..
China's Dog Fight
How Animal Rights Groups Got Their Way
In recent years, the space for political dissent in China has shrunk considerably, and yet the animal rights movement has made surprising progress.
The stigma attached to China's consumption of animals that are usually kept as pets is well known, as are Chinese activists' efforts to end the practice. Every year, ten million dogs are slaughtered for food, 70 percent of which are believed to be stolen household pets. In 2011, animal rights activists succeeded in shutting down a centuries-old annual dog-eating festival in Zhejiang. However, the country's most popular dog-eating festival, in Yuling, which began in 2010 to attract tourists, is still operating.
Beijing, China: March 13. More than 7.2 million Chinese voted YES to a legislative proposal on banning dog and cat meat trade advanced by Mr. Zheng Xiaohe, deputy to China's National People's Congress and Chairman of Board of Directors of Tianhe Group, a multi-billion tea production company. Mr. Zheng proposed a similar proposal last year for banning consumption of dog and cat meat. In China, there are over 130 million dogs 70% of which are household pets and rural guard dogs. Pet owning families in China are becoming a vocal force for animal protection. Each year, animal lovers take to the streets to demand an end to the nation's dog eating and the dog meat trade. Celebrities like Sun Li and her son are strong voices against cruelty to companion animals. The voting continues in China.
Thank you Mr. Zheng. With people like you in the Chinese government, we feel hopeful that the dog meat trade will be ended.

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