Saturday, May 28, 2016


BLACK PEOPLE are the only people who did not come to America willingly. They came as slaves. They suffered the most abominable tortures and injustices, beatings, humiliation, rape, the wrenching apart of families. They have a right to be angry, furious. But how long must it go on for? Well, as long as bigots have the power to torment, insult, imprison, deprive, and even kill with impunity. But it is wrong to blame all White people for the crimes of others.

Some People of Colour bite the hand that feeds them, insult people who want to help and steal from those who have done nothing to harm them. As long people keep screaming for Black Power, there will be troubles. Instead, DEMAND JUSTICE AND METE OUT JUSTICE. Put the blame where it belongs and welcome the hand that is offered in friendship and love...

And the beat goes on. We grew up believing Americans were Roy Rogers and the Sons of The Pioneers - beautiful heroes. Now we see that Americans, the British and other colonialists have continuously done the most atrocious crimes all over the world and it still continues. America, Russia and China continue to abuse helpless people. How do we stop it? So many have dared and died to expose the truth and try to save the innocent.

By their greed, the great powers have created rebellion and revolutions. So much innocent blood has nourished the lands they fight for. The bodies of the dead are beneath the soil that grows our food. That is reality. Listen to the voices. The warnings.


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