Saturday, May 21, 2016


RUTH ELLEN BROSSEAU who made her fame by being elbowed by Canada's Pretty Prime Minister says that " it was painful ". If so, that is sad and it shouldn't have happened. And he has apologized so sincerely. Her boo-boo is not fatal. It will fade.
But what about the REAL issues? What is Justin doing about his father's promise of a JUST SOCIETY? JUSTICE IS IN NOBODY'S JURISDICTION IN CANADA.
As a victim of the Montreal Police, I have been pleading for justice to every power through the years, day and night, and politicians at every level of government have told me that justice is not in their jurisdiction.
Human rights organizations, including B'Nai Brith and others have also told me that, even though my rights have been violated, my case is not in their jurisdiction.
And, finally, they say I am too late for justice. In a free country, can anyone ever be too late for justice? Can justice run out, like life itself?
Justin never answers.

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