Tuesday, December 16, 2014


There are a million good reasons to complain. Injustice permeates human civilization. It might be interesting to create a list, straightforward, point by point without elaboration.
Canadian Crime Victims have no rights - Montreal Police told me so.

No one needs a machine gun - Hunting is not sport for the victims.

Canadian Medicare is great. Patients need better, faster care.
Thieves, rapists, child molesters
People who smile to your face -
While they stab you in the back.
Landlords who abuse tenants
Tenants who damage property
Employers who abuse employees
Employees who cheat their employers
Police officers who abuse the innocent
Police who follow orders, but not common sense
Judges who follow "the law", but not justice
People who sell out their principles for a price
Doctors who cover up mistakes
Hospital administrators who cover up doctors' mistakes
Lawyers who lie and cheat
Witnesses who remain silent
Politicians who lie and lie
Priests who abuse children
Authorities of the church who cover for those priests.
People who hunt for fun
People who hunt for profit
People who abuse animals
People who sacrifice animals
People who sacrifice children
People who mutilate children's bodies
Men who beat their wives
Parents who beat their children
Parents who insult their children
Children who hurt other children or pets
Spouses who insult each other
People who hide behind the collective
People who do wrong and hide
People who smoke around children
Students who abuse their teachers
Students who abuse other students
White Slavers
Black Slavers
Yellow Slavers
Tobacco producers
Anyone who sells tobacco
Asbestos producers
Anyone who promotes asbestos
Scientists who put the genes of mice into tomatoes
Politicians who lie and lie and lie
Politicians who make deals with criminals and butchers
Diplomats who make deals with criminals and butchers
Drug dealers
People who make deals with drug dealers
People who kill whales and dolphins
Anyone who deliberately hurts a child
Anyone who deliberately hurts an animal
Anyone who cuts down old growth forest
Anyone who tears up the earth for minerals
Anyone who kills gorillas, orangutans,
chimpanzees, elephants
Judges who free criminals
Parole board members who free criminals
Anyone who scoffs at legitimate grievances
Anyone who hides behind "the collective" instead of taking personal responsibility.

Add your own.

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