Monday, December 15, 2014


PBS on Facebook asks, 

"Should we tell childen the truth about Santa Claus?"

I am 78 years old, born and raised Jewish, 
And a Christian too, by choice, 
To add to the riches of my being. 

And I believe in Santa Claus, 
And I believe in heroes, 
Even though I haven't found any yet. 
And I believe in love and I believe in music.
I am a relentless dreamer, a hopeless romantic. 

Although I am painfully aware 
Of all the evil and cruelty in the world; 
Painfully aware of all the liars and criminals, 
And the people who should do good and right, 
But who take no responsibility, 
And betray the trust of those who must rely on them - 
I refuse to give up on beauty and love and music, 
And Justice,
And the hero who comes on a palomino horse, 
Knocks out and ties up the villain, 
And lifts you up and takes you home, 
Singing a beautiful ballad. 

I refuse to deny myself - or anyone 
White Christmases, 
Bing Crosby crooning, 
The sweet aroma of apple pies in the oven, 
Tinsel on a fragrant pine tree, jingling bells 
And gifts wrapped in pretty paper and ribbons. 

No amount of evil and cruelty and hatred 
Should be allowed to erase the beauty of life. 

I will fight for justice to my last breath. 
And I will dream and hope and sing as long as I am able. 
And I will not deny any child 
The joy and light of Christmas and Chanukah 
Or the shining hope that is Santa Claus. 

Phyllis Sheba Carter

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