Saturday, December 13, 2014


Seth Johnston

Just to illustrate my prior comment, the Bible can be viewed as a "history book", for millions it is a book of faith and is the word of God...and there are many who might be offended by the reference to it as a "history book" on a par with a "spelling book" or "arithmetic book". Not writing this as a personal criticism, but as an illustration of a prior comment.
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Phyllis Carter

The "holy" books were written by men thousands of years ago to guide and control farmers, shepherds and kings. If people want - or need - to keep obeying the dogma and they don't harm anyone else, who should stop them? But for people who respect the gift of a functioning brain, they have the right to pursue reality and truth. Live and let live, but do no harm.
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Seth Johnston

Nice comment. You might be shocked to learn that Atheism could well be classed as a religion, since it requires the same faith to claim there is no God as it takes to believe there is one.
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Celine Leduc

Seth the Bible is the HISTORY of Jewish people it has been written over thousands of years like Phyllis says. It also documents the idea of monotheism through the story of Avram who became Abraham and Sarai who became Sarah. For Christians it is the proof of the Messiah being Jesus so the focus differs. I can find foods that were eaten at the time of Isaac and Ishmael, and even some of the works women did, they were herbalists some knew the art of making perfumes they traded. Dina was going out on her own Tamar dressed a prostitute, Esther was a queen in Persia ... Boaz was a farmer owned land. The Bible is a great source for history, interpersonal relationships first between Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and then from being nomadic to being led by judges and then wanting to have a king Saul being the first one, David the Second. It also teaches about relationships with other groups I can go on and on the intricate and complexity of these relationships.

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