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December 14, 2014

C. L.
I am glad that we discussed this issue in a friendly discussion by a being open and forthcoming about our feelings. At the end we all agree that some groups are causing harm to everyone including those who practice that particular religion. BTW I base my comments on what happened in the holocaust Jews were blamed and became scapegoats, for the ails of the world, today because of the horror caused by groups like ISIS or Hamas that target Jews it is so easy to fall into the trap of blaming everyone of that religion for the ills of the world. In Europe there is a rise of hatred caused by the extreme right they are targeting Jews, Roma and Muslims. We live in Canada we can make a difference.

Phyllis Carter
I enter this conversation briefly to say this: C.L. seems to be an expert in Quran and I am not, but what I do know about it is this - There are passages in Quran that lead to attacks on those that Islamists call "Infidels". Learned Muslim scholars say that the passages are misinterpreted and I don't doubt that, but the root of the philosophy that those who are not Muslim are fair game for the kill starts in Quran. Does anyone know of anything in the Old or New Testament that advises people to kill non-believers?

Phyllis In the Hebrew Bible there are wars against the followers of Baal, as they were pagans and offered humans a a sacrifice. The war against the Canaanites even the Moabites as they were cursed for the Moabites Ruth paved the way to redemption. War against the infidels or pagans was rampant. Sodom and Gomorrah was completely destroyed by God for its debauchery, so was the world prior to Noah. David and Goliath David won. In the Qur'an the war against infidels did not mean Jews or Christians it was specific to Pagans who ruled over Mecca and the Kaaba. Christianity used the Old Testament to justify killing those who were not Christian and to say they had no souls.

Phyllis Carter
Thanks for this, C.L. I guess the terrorists don't know that the Quran doesn't mean the Jews or Christians when it speaks of killing "Infidels". Still, it's really tough on those who have been killed - even if it has been due to a misunderstanding. Why doesn't somebody tell the Islamist killers about it ?

Phyllis if these blood thirsty animals are hijacking a religion for their own sick purposes I doubt very much they care what anyone has to tell them about Islam...many Clerics and higher ups in the religion have already denounced the acts these terror groups are committing...I don't think they're listening

It is very simple Phyllis Carter, islamic terrorists consider all others including other Muslims as infidels and it's a fact that they are brainwashed by their leaders. When islamic brotherhood movement was founded in Egypt by Hassan Albanna, theychad their version of tafseer (explanation of Quran) written by Saiyed Qutb in which all verses were interpreted in a jihadi concept. These interpretations are not correct and history is full of examples: when Islam reached far east most of people there did not convert to Islam and it was the case everywhere. In Syria there are more sects and religions than you can imagine and they lived very peacefully. 
The essential rule in Islam "there's no compulsion in religion" and it was said to the prophet, so logically if the prophet has no right to enforce people to convert it means no-one has this right. With radicals it is different, if someone will try convince radicals that it is the case he'll find himself beheaded whatsoever is his religion. Btw, Muslims killed by isis and other islamic radical groups are much much more than people of other religions (you can check) be it in Syria, Iraq or any other place.

Phyllis Carter
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