Monday, June 16, 2014


As I see the Oscar Pistorius Case
Pistorius and his girlfriend had an argument.
He was afraid she was going to leave him. Him, the famous sports hero! All the world worshipped him. How dare she reject him! He would have none of it.
She ran into the bathroom to save herself.
He fired at her again and again and again! Four times. 
He claims he thought there was an intruder hiding in his bathroom. An intruder behind a wooden door would not have been an immediate threat. He had time to run away.
No mistake. No intruder. Arrogant rage at being rejected.
He was so familiar with guns. He owned and used many. The first thing you learn about using a gun is never to shoot before you see what you are shooting at.
Why shoot four times? The victim would have cried out after the first shot.
He was enjoying it.
The killer can't bear to look at a photo of his victim. Not revulsion or sorrow. Guilt.
It was murder.
The defense is claiming Pistorius has an anxiety disorder. Tsk-tsk! Who is not anxious? Who is free of fear? We do not kill to relieve our anxiety.
Temporary insanity? Oh, Please! Not again! Anyone who kills except in self defense or defense of another is surely temporarily insane. In that case, no one is ever guilty of murder. Free for all. Kill whom you please - and claim temporary insanity. And get an expensive lawyer. And cry a lot.
Now Pistorius weeps for the judge and the world.
Famous athlete. Unfortunate child born deformed overcomes and becomes a sports star. Pretty face. Hero. Let's not have another O.J. Simpson glove fiasco. That trial remains a scar on the American justice system. O.J. Simpson's lawyers should live out their lives in shame.
Let us hope the judge in the Oscar Pistorius case has the courage to do justice.It is South Africa. Pistorius is white. The judge is not. Who will protect her?

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