Sunday, June 22, 2014


Football, hockey and wrestling,
Can result in horrific injuries.
But boxing is not a "sport".
Like bullfighting,
Boxing has one purpose:
To inflict bloody injury
For gold and glory.
And who are the "stars"
Of this butchery?
Mostly fools
The rich and greedy can bleed dry:
Who, in their right mind,
Would choose an activity
That causes pain and bloodshed,
And involves the actor
In crime and corruption?
The Poor,
The Mentally Defective,
The Uneducated,
Young Black Men,
Who see no other way.
Go to school, child,
And work hard at
Learning better ways to live.
It is your right!
And your responsibility
To those who fought
And died for your rights!
And to your own children.
And your grandchildren.
Go to school, child.
Buy food, not drugs,
Buy books, not boxing gloves.
Therefore, choose life!

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Phyllis Carter said...

"Coincidence"? A few hours after I wrote and posted this article, I am watching a re-run of COLUMBO on MeTV - Ricardo Montalban and Peter Falk talk about bullfighting and compare it to boxing.