Sunday, June 22, 2014


Oy! Canada,
You stole the natives' land,
Let's tell the truth,
You need a reprimand.
My country is a myth,
Run by the filthy rich,
All others in the ditch,
Of thee I sing.
If you are not the rich,
Don't be afraid to snitch.
Speak out and tell us all,
What made you fall.
In towns like Montreal,
Crime is alive and well,
Victims so fear to tell,
That's why I sing.
Bad Guys from far and wide,
Enjoy our mountainside,
Sheltered by powers that be.
Their ride is free.
Oy! Canada,
You need an honest song,
Who speaks for us?
When Canada's so wrong?
Canada's a myth,
A promise and a lie,
How can it change,
If people will not try?
You may stand alone,
But the truth is strong,
So stand and speak out now,
If you love this land,
Take it in your hands,
And stop corruption now.
Oy! Canadians,
We shall overcome,
Just tell the truth,
Do not support the bums.
Just tell the truth!
Do not support the bums!
Oy! Canada,
Glory flees from thee,
We bide in hope
For what ye may yet be!
We bide in hope
For what ye may yet be!
Phyllis Carter
Montreal, Canada,
June 20, 2014

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